Chaga Shot - (32oz bottle)

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Your daily dose of True Chaga Power.

A 32 oz bottle which contains 16 shots. Less Plastic, Lower Footprint, Get an Extra Shot!

Each serving is hand-crafted using our proprietary, quadruple extraction method, from over 1600 mg of sustainably wild-harvested chaga mushroom and only 3 other ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin and Citric Acid.

Use Pre or Post Workout - Build and Recover!!

Single use has its benefits; long-term daily use is truly revolutionary!!

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Chagit has been a pleasant surprise in my journey to better health. 2oz in the morning and evening has given me more energy through the day and I feel more alert in the afternoon. Normally I would hit the ‘wall’ at 2-3 pm but am now able to power through my afternoon meetings with no hindrances. Bulla Eastman

Wonderful product

Recently began my Chagit journey. The Chagit beverage tastes delicious and has been a beneficial addition to my health diet. In this season of my life I’m fighting cancer and my research shows me that adding Chaga to my daily supplements intake offers many carcinoma fighting agents with no downside. The fact that it’s pleasing to the palate is just a bonus! Michael Cramer
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