Immunity Pack

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Immune Support like no other!

Two of the world's greatest, adaptogenic superfoods have been brought together, for you.

The Immunity Pack contains

  • 1   box of chaga shots
  • 1   40g bag of black label matcha
  • 2   Matcha Chaga Protein Bars
  • 1   Raw Body Chaga Mushroom Soap


Chaga Mushroom
Chaga is the king of medicinal mushrooms. Found in the  frozen birch forests of Alaska & Siberia, Chaga has been used for thousands of years by the native Inuit people to help them survive their brutal winters. Chaga has over 215 beneficial compounds, 14 of which are found nowhere else in nature and it is the most potent antioxidant ever discovered. Chaga is a “smart” superfood (also known as an adaptogen), that works with your body like a mechanic, to heal, balance and give your body exactly what you need. Chaga helps to boost the immune system, regulate digestive issues, relieve stress, promote weight-loss, balance hormones and provide incredible energy, focus and vitality.


Matcha Green Tea
Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the Queen of green tea, grown using a 5-year long, ancient Japanese process. The star of Matcha is L-Theanine, which crosses through the blood-brain barrier and supports cognitive function. Theanine slowly releases Matcha's alkaline caffeine over 3-4 hours throughout the body with no spike or crash.  Matcha stimulates the brain and assists with focus, clarity and stress. It provides energy and endurance for hours, aids in digestion, balances hormones and boosts the immune system. Matcha also increases the metabolism and the body’s ability to break down fats.  Like Chaga, Matcha is a powerful adaptogen and works with your body to find inner balance.


Included in the Immunity Pack are samplings of Chagit and Got Matcha's premier products, so you can feel the best these two incredible superfoods have to offer.


Chaga Shot (box of 15 shots)

Your daily dose of True Chaga Power.

A 2 oz daily shot of energy, immunity and vitality.

Each one is hand-crafted using our proprietary, quadruple extraction method, from over 1600 mg of sustainably wild-harvested chaga mushroom and only 3 other ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin and Citric Acid.

Unlike other chaga products on the market, our chaga extracts are made from only wild-harvested, alaskan chaga mushrooms, in a full-spectrum extraction process and kept cold to preserve the beneficial components within, without the use of added preservatives.

Single use has its benefits; long-term daily use is truly revolutionary!!


Black Label Matcha (40g bag)

Got Matcha's BLACK LABEL Ceremonial Green Matcha is Certified Organic, harvested in the highlands of Kagoshima, Japan.  Free of pesticides and other harmful sprays, this MATCHA is truly excellent.  Harvested only once a year, our Black Label Matcha is shade-grown during the last 23 days prior to harvest; the top 3 leaves are harvested in the first 2-10 days; it is immediately dried and aged for 1-year in refrigeration before it is milled to order. 

Our Black Label Matcha contains 3-4x more L-Theanine than most sources and grades of matcha. L-Theanine is the star ingredient in matcha that gradually releases matcha's alkaline caffeine throughout the body and conveys it through the blood-brain barrier to support cognitive function including stress management, clarity and focus.


Matcha Chaga Superfood Protein Energy Bar (2 bars)

This complete raw, plant-based meal replacement bar, is packed with superfoods, Matcha, Chaga, Sacha Inchi protein, chlorella algae, EFA's for a total of 13g of protein and only 4g sugar. This bar satisfies your sweet tooth, your appetite, and your energy needs, while building your best body.


Raw Body Chaga Mushroom Soap (1 bar)

A 5 oz powerful cleansing, bath and body soap bar.

Infused with finely ground chaga mushroom as a natural exfoliant.  Rich in nutrients and antioxidants including melanin, which are immediately bio-available to heal your skin.  Strong lather helps skin feel fresh and naturally clean.  Invigorates the skin to help fight the effects of sun, wind and weather.  Helps to balance pH and alleviate conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

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