The Future of Human Nutrition

mushroom wellness shots

Mushrooms are the ultimate in functional nutrition. Their nutrients are far beyond the commonly known Vitamins and Minerals found in traditional food sources.
The most powerful Medicinal Mushrooms such as Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps and Maitake have the highest level of nutrition. They have been shown to bring significant benefit to the human body and its daily health and wellness.
The complete nutrition available in these fantastic fungi is only present when extracted from real mushrooms, grown in and harvested from their native environment.

No spray-dried powders derived from lab-grown mushrooms.


No half-strength extractions that destroy beneficial compounds in the process.


We use only wild-harvested or forest grown mushrooms and other whole ingredients as the starting point for every one of our products. We craft our products ourselves at our facility utilizing our proprietary, full-spectrum extraction process.
We do mushroom extractions right and deliver them to you, pure and without compromise in delicious and inventive offerings that help redefine the concept of health food.

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