Chaga Shot - (Box of 15)

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Your daily dose of True Chaga Power.

A 2 oz shot of energy, immunity and vitality.

Each one is hand-crafted using our proprietary, quadruple extraction method, from over 1600 mg of sustainably wild-harvested chaga mushroom and only 3 other ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin and Citric Acid.

Use Pre or Post Workout - Build and Recover!!

Single use has its benefits; long-term daily use is truly revolutionary!!

Customer Reviews (4)

chagit shot

I am aging slower or not at all. I am avoiding the bugs everyone else seem to come down with. love it. Smythe Rich


Bam! Pow! Love how good this shot makes me feel!! I look forward to it every morning Laurah Rodgers

5 stars

So easy , so healthy so good . 2oz of immunity . It’s a huge part of my daily life and the only product that helps my mast cell activation disease . I feel amazing and have such amazing results from taking it consistently . Love the chagit shot and what it does for my overall health and well being. Jordan payne

I love the Chagit Shot!

I love the Chagit Shot! I’ve been taking the shot everyday for 2 weeks and I notice a difference in how I feel. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties are noticeable when I take it. I’m not that sore anymore after working out and I feel better overall. It gives me a real dose of clean energy and helps to refuel me when I’m running low. It’s the best daily supplement that will help take your health to new levels. #grabit #chagit #feelit PB
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