Shroom Juice - Chaga Mushroom


100% Wild-Harvested Alaskan Chaga Mushroom Extract Concentrate

Available in 3 sizes

225 ml     30 servings

450 ml     60 servings

750ml    100 servings

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Shroom Juice

The result of 6 years of research & development, our liquid extract concentrates are the pinnacle in Mushroom Nutrition.

Manufactured from the best raw ingredients, utilizing a superior, non-destructive process to deliver the most bio-available, full-spectrum chaga mushroom extract available anywhere, in an incredibly versatile and delicious, concentrated liquid extract.

Each 1.5 teaspoon serving of Shroom Juice contains the extract of 1200 mg of chaga mushroom.



Made from only 100% wild-harvested Alaskan Chaga Mushrooms. Our chaga comes from its most ideal and pristine growing environment on Earth, The Alaskan Plateau and is tested to guarantee its purity. 



Shroom Juice has a sweet taste and because of its ability to mix with a variety of flavors from sweet, to savory to sour, it can be added to nearly anything to give a huge boost of functional, mushroom nutrition.

The Ultimate Sugar Substitute! As a sweetener, it can be used to replace sugar and give your food or drink the flavor you seek, without impacting your blood sugar. As such, it is an incredible tool for those who don’t want to or cannot afford to have sugar in their diets. Ditch the sugar and add an incredible superfood instead that gives you so much more than just a sweet flavor!



Shroom Juice does not need to be refrigerated and one 8oz bottle contains 30 servings! It’s perfect as a go-to in your kitchen at home and just as easy to take it with you wherever you go.



We do not utilize spray-dried powders from mycelium grown on inferior substrates. We use only real mushrooms, sustainably harvested from their natural environment. The difference is crucial, as many of the beneficial components chaga is renowned for, only occur through the mushroom’s interaction with its native environment. A high ORAC and beta-glucan count is only a small fraction of what makes chaga special, but if you’re getting a powder, that’s all you’re getting. If you want to experience the true power of the chaga mushroom, there is absolutely no substitute.

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A tsp in my coffee each morning and I push back grey moods and sensations. My family loves me... "Dont sip," #justChagiT Geri
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