Shroom Juice - Female Hormone Blend


Just like the vehicles we drive, our bodies get worn out, worn down and knocked out of alignment every single day. The production of hormones our body produces to help achieve re-alignment, performance and balance are heavily effected by this constant assault. Females even more so than males, due to the more complex nature of their biology. This misalignment can grow worse and worse as time goes on, and can lead to many issues down the road.


To address this imbalance, we've created a combination of the superfoods most noted for their beneficial impact on female hormones throughout time into a delicious and versatile liquid extraction.


Chaga Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom

White Ginseng

Schisandra Berry

Muira Puama

Sea Buckthorn

Damiana Leaf

Rhodiola Rosea Root


Add this extraction to the beverage of your choice, drizzle it over your salad, or take it straight up off your teaspoon to help balance hormone levels, regulate your monthly cycle and improve sexual function.


Each 225 ml bottle contains 30 servings.

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