Shroom Juice - Six Mushroom Blend


Welcome to the Mushroom Hall Of Fame!

We have brought the 6 most studied and beneficial mushrooms ever discovered, together in one perfectly derived extraction.


Our 6 Mushroom blend contains the following medicinal mushrooms (per serving!)

Chaga - 1200 mg

Reishi - 400 mg

Lion's Mane - 400 mg

Cordyceps - 400 mg

Turkey Tail - 400 mg

Maitake - 400 mg


The beauty of these extractions is that they are non-glycemic despite their slightly sweet taste, incredibly versatile (can be added to almost anything), have a 2 year shelf-life without the need for refrigeration and... oh yeah the best part... they're derived from 100% ACTUAL REAL MUSHROOMS sourced from their ideal natural environments.


This is quite simply the best Mushroom Nutrition available.

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