Shroombucha - Peach Bellini


The most delicious Kombucha ever, infused with nature's most powerful medicinal mushrooms.


Shroombucha, our medicinal mushroom kombucha is hand crafted utilizing pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water and infused with our full-spectrum mushroom extracts and pure fruit juices and purees. That's it, nothing else and wow is it worth it.


Our Peach Bellini Shroombucha contains chaga mushrooms, cordyceps mushrooms and Agaricus blazei to deliver unrivaled mushroom nutrition to this incredibly delicious raw, live refreshing beverage.


Not currently available online.


Available at the following retailers in the Southern California area (more coming soon!):


Earthbar Ocean Avenue - Santa Monica, CA

Rainbow Acres - Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Health Foods - Carpinteria, CA

Yoga Soup - Santa Barbara, CA

Montecito Naturals - Montecito, CA

Green Table - Santa Barbara, CA

Montecito Village Grocers - Montecito, CA


Can also be purchased at our main factory facility by the case... for now.

Customer Reviews (1)

Tasty & Approachable!

I love all forms of kombucha, but what I love about Chagits Peach Bellini Shroombucha is how approachable this is with its flavor and mouthfeel of carbonation. Some other kombucha drinks are too sugary or syrupy for my palate, while Chagit’s Shroombucha has a nice effervescence coupled with a deliciously refreshing peach flavor; I almost thought I was drinking a Bellini! Kathryn Slezak
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